Nettle Tonic Against Hair Loss


Many people deal with hair loss. Different cosmetic products can often cause hair loss instead of improved hair growth. In order to get rid of these kinds of problems, try the following recipes we are about to present in this article. You can prepare them at home without losing too much money and time.

Recipe number 1:

Ingredients needed:

100 grams of nettle leaves

0,5 liters of distillated water

25 grams of chamomile

20 ml of wine vinegar

Burdock oil

Method of preparation:

Cook the nettle leaves in distillated water for 20 minutes. After that, remove them out of the pot you are using and add the chamomile. Cover the pot and let it stand still for 8 hours. Strain the mixture and add the wine vinegar afterwards.

Way of usage:

Rub your head’s skin and hair roots with the resulting remedy every evening. When the remedy is completely dried, apply burdock oil.

Recipe number 2:

Ingredients needed:

Handful of nettle leaves

Handful of nettle root

Handful of burdock root

1 liter of distillated water

100 ml of pure alcohol

Method of preparation:
Cook the nettle root together with burdock root in distillated water for half an hour. Once the mixture cools, add the pure alcohol in it.

Way of usage:

Use the resulting remedy for massaging hair roots.

Recipe number 3:

Ingredients needed:

100 grams of nettle root

7 drops of castor oil

Pure alcohol

Several drops of essential oil by your choice

Method of preparation:

Put the nettle root in a bottle and pour the pure alcohol in it. Let the bottle stand still in the sun for 8 days. After that, strain the mixture and add the resulting liquid in another bottle together with the castor oil and essential oil drops.

Way of usage:

Use the remedy for massaging your scalp and hair roots. Do this every other day.

Note: Before you start using these remedies make sure you consult your doctor.

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