Natural Remedy: Learn How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bacteria

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In this article we will present to you completely natural remedy against stomach bacteria.

Nowadays, a bacterium in the stomach is a very common disease, and the treatment is very long and difficult. In many practices, the best cure for the stomach bacterium is figs combined with olive oil.

Put the figs in a glass jar and pour some olive oil over them. You can cut the figs into quarters if you want to.

Before you start consuming this healthy mixture, make sure it stands still for 40 days.
Every morning, on an empty stomach, consume 1 fig together with some of the olive oil. You need to change your diet during the healing period if you want to gain the best results. Make sure you avoid sour and fatty foods as well as delicatessen products. Eat only not too spicy homemade cooked meals. Forget about hot food! Prepare these meals using only olive oil.

This great fig-olive oil combination can also be consumed for treating infertility, hemorrhoids, bronchitis and asthma.

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