Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

One imagines that the tea they are drinking is healthy.  But do you know that the well-known brands – Lipton, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings, Trader Joe’s and we could go on – contain toxins that are dangerous? They have shocking levels of fluoride and also contain pesticides. 

Don’t be misled into thinking this is calcium fluoride, it is nothing like that this is synthetic fluoride which is toxic and really unsafe.  The levels are so high that they are dangerous for your body.

You can add Allegro, Tazo, Teavana, Republic of Tea, Yogi, Mighty Leaf, Tea Forte and Tetley to the list of dangerous teas. 

You need to be very careful. Think how bad junk food is for you? Well, these teas can be as bad.

What you should know about cheap non-organic tea

  • Cheap tea contains high levels of synthetic fluoride
  • Cheap tea has pesticides in it
  • Cheap teas are not washed before they are dried, resulting in pesticide residues
  • Some teas, even those claiming to be organic, have been found to contain pesticide

Pesticides cause cancer.  They are proved to be carcinogens.

Research undertaken has found that cheaper tea blends contain fluoride levels about the US and EU limits. Fluoride can get into your bones and accumulate there.  Excess synthetic fluoride can cause disease and illness, in particular cancer, bone, teeth and kidney disease.

The legal level of fluoride in tea is 4 parts per million.  Some brands of cheap tae contain nearly 7 parts per million. Almost double.

How does fluoride get into tea?

Tea grows in plantations.  As it grows, fluoride accumulates. The old tea leaves harbour most of the fluoride.  These old tea leaves are what are used to make cheaper teas. Cheap tea is sold in teabag form which may seem easy but because it is made with the low quality leaves, it contains more synthetic fluoride.

Is decaffeinated tea any different?

Can you believe that decaffeinated tea shows higher fluoride levels than caffeinated tea?  Decaffeinated tea is therefore no different, it is actually worse.

What can you do to make sure your tea is safe?

  • It is best to buy loose leaf tea.
  • Brew your own tea from scratch.
  • Stick to white tea where possible, it has less fluoride.
  • Buy organic tea

Why organic tea?

Organic tea is farmed in a much more sophisticated and health conscious way.  There are no pesticides that cause disease.  And there is no harmful fluoride.  Some organic tea plantations even use purified water to water their crops.


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