Mistake When Cutting Apples, Because Of Which They Darken

Want to eat healthy and therefore want to bring healthy meals like salads, vegetables and fruits to work. But fresh groceries quickly darken and get dry, so do not know how to prepare them? If you have faced a similar problem, then this trick for cutting apples is ideal for you.

Most of us cut the apple into four parts and clean each part individually afterwards. Such cut apple pieces get dark after several minutes and are impossible to eat after a few hours.

Try cutting the apple different and you will have great snack without getting dark wherever you go.

Put the apple in an upright position on the cutting board and instead of four parts, cut it into nine equal parts. Put rubber band in order to keep all the parts in the same place until the moment of consumption. This will stop the process of darkening. You can also sprinkle the apple with citric acid which will stop the process of darkening.

Watch the following video and learn the apple cutting trick. 

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