Miracle of Longevity – It Is Enough One Per Day


The miracle that leads to longevity is finally discovered and you need to take it only once a day… of course, we are talking about apples.

One British research has shown that apples are almost as efficient as pills when it comes to reducing the risk of getting infarct or stroke.

Those same British researches calculated and came to a result that if every person, above 50 years of age, eats one apple a day there would be 8500 less deaths annually.

Just for comparison -if all people start the habit of eating an apple a day, there would be 9400 “saved” lives in only one year.

So, we came to a conclusion that the saying “One apple a day keeps the doctor away” is once again confirmed to be true. Apples are well known fruits which are natural source of antioxidants and flavonoids which are very useful for our health.

This research has shown how much positive change can be achieved by applying small changes to your everyday’s diet.

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