What Milk You Drink – Do You Know What The Numbers Mean On The Packaging?

what-milk-you-drink-do-you-know-what-the-numbers-mean-on-the-packagingThe milk carton packaging has numbers from 1 to 5 on its bottom. In some countries there are numbers from 1 to 6. But only few of us know what these numbers mean. There are two pieces of information with this – the first one has caused panic among consumers because it was said that the number represent the number of times the milk has been recycled.

According to the legal regulations, the milk that has expired if returned at 190 degrees C it can then be consumed again. By law, this procedure can be done 5 times. Manufacturers are required to publish how many times they repeat this process – and it does exactly through these numbers, say proponents of this explanation.

Has written number 123456, the number that is missing is the number of times the milk has been recycled.

For example:

  • 123 56, number 4 is missing – that means that milk is pasteurized 4 times or, its date of usage has expired 4 times.

Some packages do not have all the numbers (from 1 to 5 and some of them missing), but the bottom has only one number. This number indicates whether and how much the milk has been recycled.

what-milk-you-drink-do-you-know-what-the-numbers-mean-on-the-packaging (2)It can also be noted that if you buy the whole box you will have the number that is missing on some package is applied on the other one. The producers claim that this is made this way so customers cannot buy a whole package of milk that has been recycled only once or twice but they are all mixed up in the packages.

According to the second piece of information, those numbers have nothing to do with milk but with the packaging carton. According to this second theory numbers indicate how many times the carton has been recycled.

However, we all recognize that pasteurization of milk but the milk recycling is done and it is allowed, but not in all countries.

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