Mespilus – Great Fighter Against Viruses During The Fall And Winter


Mespilus is very delicious and it is great for the body and health. Contains vitamin C, sugar and pectin and is used in the treatment of scurvy but also has curative act in some common health problems.

This delicious fruit has great impact on improving vision, but it can also be used as a natural remedy against anemia. Mespilus strengthens the blood and cleanses the kidneys and liver. This fruit also contains fiber, of which pectin stands out, which reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol and fat on the walls of blood vessels, help with vertigo, stomach discomfort, constipation, irregular stool with digestion problems.

Mespilus is an excellent remedy against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is good against weakness in the back and knees and stops bleeding and removal of aphthas, ulcers and herpes of the lips.

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