Map That Shows What Kind Of Abdominal Problem You Are Dealing With!


Even though milder pains are not cause for panic, there are pains that really should not be ignored. If you feel such, you must visit a doctor.

The abdomen is a great area, and every pain can be caused by several reasons. For their easier understanding you need to identify the exact place of your pain.

  1. Bile stones, stomach ulcer, pancreas inflammation.
  2. Stomach acids, stomach ulcer, poor digestion, inflammation of the pancreas, bile stones, epigastric hernia.
  3. Gastric ulcer, duodenal, obstruction of the biliary tract, pancreas inflammation.
  4. Kidney stones, inflammation of the urethra, constipation, lumbar hernia – displaced disc in the spine.
  5. Pancreas inflammation, early stage of appendicitis, inflammation of the small intestine, colon inflammation, gastric ulcer, Crohn’s disease, umbilical hernia
  6. Constipation, colon inflammation, kidney stones, diverticular disease.
  7. Pelvic pain – gynecological problems, appendicitis, constipation, pain in the groin.
  8. Inflammation of the urethra, appendicitis, colon inflammatory, pelvic pain – gynecological problems, diverticular disease.
  9. Pain in the groin – inguinal hernia, diverticular disease, pelvic pain – gynecological problems.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care

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