Magical Connection: Fruits That Look Like The Organs They Affect

The power of nature is really incredible. Well we know that fruits are good for us, but sometimes their healing is so obvious that is even a fun thing to research.

Here are some excellent examples of such


You should eat carrots if you want your vision improved. Indeed the average carrot circle slices are much like the human eye. Stare at a circle cut piece of carrot and you can practically see the pupil, iris and ray lines in the human eye.



Cut a mushroom in half and you will see that it looks like the human ear. Mushrooms improve hearing and are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, which is important for bone health.


Nut- the Brain

The walnut core obviously looks like the brain. There are left and right hemisphere and the folds look like brain ridges. Nuts create neural transmitters function of the brain.

Model of a human brain

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