Learn The Truth About The Most Silent Killer Ever – The Sugar!

The biggest problem is that sugar is part of most processed foods on the market, from bread to meat products and people are not even aware of how much sugar they entered on a daily basis.

  • It destroys the liver

Foods with high quantity of sugar create fatty deposits around the liver, which is the result of non-alcoholic diseases. Experts have noted the occurrence of liver disease in children who have not been in contact with alcohol, and determined that the sugar came from sweet and juices. If the patients do not adhere to the rules of a healthy diet, the disease can lead to cirrhosis, even though alcohol was not consumed.

  • Incentive for heart disease

Sugar is bad for heart’s health even for people who are in good shape, cardiologists warn. The increased amount of sugar intake in the body, leads to increased blood pressure and risk of heart attack. This can also happen in people with normal weight.

  • “Silent killer”

A research, conducted in 2008, found that excessive fructose consumption can lead to leptin resistance. This hormone tells the brain that we are full, and the result is obesity. In addition, sugar is associated with the occurrence of cancer. Soft drinks, that contain sugar, counts 200,000 lives a year, a study showed.

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