Learn Before It Is Too Late: These Are The First Cancer Symptoms


One of the biggest killers in the world is cancer. This disease takes huge number of human lives. There is no cure for the disease, but the chances of surviving this nasty disease are greater if the disease is detected in its early stage. This is why you need to know the potential symptoms.

In this article you will learn the first cancer symptoms. In case you notice some of them, do not hesitate and go to the doctor immediately.

  1. Unexplained weight loss

If you constantly gradually lose weight without having to change your lifestyle, it can be associated with several cancers, including pancreatic and stomach cancer.

  1. Pains

There are many reasons for having pain in any part of the body. However, frequent headaches may indicate cancer of the brain, and back pain can be a sign that you have colon cancer or ovarian cancer.

  1. Unusual bleeding

Unusual bleeding is one of many indicators of cancer. If you cough blood you might have lung cancer, blood in the stool is associated with cancer of the colon and rectum, blood in the urine can be a sign of bladder cancer, constant vaginal bleeding may indicate you have cervical cancer.

  1. Fever

If you have fever most of the time and getting rid of it seems impossible, you might have lymphoma occurrence or leukemia. High temperature can be treated medically.

  1. Lumps in the body

If you notice lumps under the skin, visit your dermatologist immediately. If you have a lump in the breast, testicle or lump near the lymph nodes be very careful. If you have lumps on your arms and legs, do not fear because they are probably sebaceous cysts.

  1. Cough and hoarseness

If you have hoarseness and you constantly cough, it can be a sign of cancer of the lungs and/or throat.

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