Japanese Crystal-Water Kefir


If you are suffering from some serious disease, your immune system is weak, want to speed your recovery or you just want to revitalize your entire organism, there is simple solution.

There is something that can help you deal with your condition. It has many names such as Japanese crystals, pearly tears, water crystals and Caspian algae.

Water-kefir’s healing properties

1. Treat heart diseases, regulates blood pressure and destroys cholesterol in blood vessels.

2. Heal the liver, thyroid gland and spleen.

3. Increase production of lymphocytes which protect the organism from different kinds of diseases.

4. Heal the bile and cleanses bile canals, melts bile stones and heals duodenal.

5. Heal the stomach, normalizes stool and cleanses the intestines of deposited toxins.

6. Prevent and heals inflamed areas throughout the organism.

7. Stop development of new metastases and destroys the old ones.

8. Heal diseased kidneys and controls kidney canals.

9. Revitalize the organism, decreases fatigue and sleepiness.

10. Help with impotence caused by stress, lack of vitamins and/or minerals.

11. Help with bites of mosquitoes, wasps, bees and bites from other insects.

12. Heal neurological problems, insomnia and soothes symptoms caused by serious psychological diseases.

13. It helps in getting rid of symptoms caused by stress such as hair loss, oily or dry hair, nail cracking, fester acne etc.

14. Help with skin diseases, viral infections, bacterial infections and psoriasis.

15. Help with vaginal problems (fungal, bacterial or viral infections).

16. It helps in creating red blood cells and helps with different types of anemia.

17. Help in the process of ejecting excess fluid out of the organism.

18. Help in removing bad bacteria out of the organism and successfully gets rid of fungi.

19. Stimulate the growth of platelets, thus wounds heal faster, which is great for diabetics.

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