Ingredients Which Cleanse The Body Of Deposited Nicotine


There are several ways through which you will be able to cleanse your lung of tar, toxins and other harmful compounds. This way you will be able to decrease the risk of cancer occurrence and some serious lung infections. One of the leading causes for deaths in world is lung cancer, from which smokers suffer the most.

It does not matter if you are smoker or not, try out the following toxin-cleansers which will help you to reduce the risk of the above mentioned diseases and health conditions. Here are the ingredients which are able to cleanse the organism of harmful waste deposited as a result of smoking:

1. Selenium

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which can be found in many different types of fish such as salmon, tuna and cod. Eggs, cereals and lamb meat are ingredients in which you can also find this ingredient.

2. Corn

Corn contains beta-cryptoxanthin. This substance is a powerful antioxidant for which is claimed to protect the lungs from cancer.

3. Ginger

You can either drink ginger tea or you can eat a piece of ginger as an addition to your meal.

4. Garlic and onion

Both vegetables contain specific compounds which possess anti-cancer properties. Garlic can prevent numerous diseases such as lung infection and lung cancer. Garlic can prevent spreading of cacer in people who already suffer from it.

5. Nettle

Nettle has an abundance of iron. It is also great tool for cleansing the lung of infections.

6. Pine needle tea

This tea is mostly used for rinsing both the oral cavity and the throat. Fortunately, it can be used for other things such as fighting lung cancer.

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