Ingredients To Help You Increase Your Fertility


Maintaining the balance of hormones is the first step towards a healthy reproductive system. Although many factors affect the ability for you to get the role of a parent, a healthy lifestyle and proper diet are among the most important.


Avocado is a fruit that contains quite enough unsaturated fats that can increase fertility. One study showed that women whose diet is rich in these fats, which have been included in the program for IVF, have three times more success in trying to become pregnant.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, they help maintain the balance of reproductive hormones and positively influence the quality of the eggs. This is why you need to let yourself enjoy these snacks at least three times a week.


Prepare soft-boiled eggs, but avoid omelet. Not so hard egg yolk contains vitamin E and B6, which are responsible for increasing the secretion of progesterone, the hormone that plays an important role in conception.


This aromatic spice has the ability to reduce insulin levels and increase the chances of conception in the fertile days.


Buckwheat seeds are rich in substances that reduce insulin and testosterone in women, and thus increase the possibility of conception during ovulation.

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