Ingenious Tricks: You Won’t Believe Why She Tapes Together Her 2 Middle Toes

Large is the number of people who as consequence, due to wearing shoes all day face with problems such as corn, odor, tight shoes and similarities.
Fortunately, there are simple tricks which not only can make your sneakers waterproof or to “fix” your heels which will look like new, you will also be able to free your feet from the trapped position in your footwear.

  1. Toothpaste returns the whiteness on your sneakers tire – It is enough to apply a little toothpaste on the old brush which you do not use anymore and to rub the solution from all sides. Wait for 5 minutes and then wipe it with a damp cloth.
  2. Refresh the shoes by using baking soda – When it comes to removing odor, baking soda is effective not only to sneakers but to other articles which “does not want” wetting. Apply little amount of baking soda in shoes and leave it overnight and then shake them.
  3. Additional refreshments of shoes – If you want to further refresh your shoes, in spray bottle, mix a little medicinal alcohol, water and few drops of essential oil from lemon or orange. Spray inside the shoes and let them dry.
  4. Nail polish file removes rough and tough stains- In order to clean the skin, first you need to brush it and then with wet cloth to wipe it. But if the stains are hard, file for nail polish can help you or also fine sanding paper can help you. Just rub with the file a little bit on the stains and they will immediately disappear.
  5. Isopropanol clean leather shoes – In order to remove dirt from shoes, wet one stick for ear with alcohol and leave it on the stain for around half an hour. For each case, first apply small piece of the skin.
  6. Remove the odor from shoes by using smelly handkerchief – Place one smelly handkerchief in your machine for drying clothes. It will soak up the excess moisture and will leave a pleasant smell.
  7. Alcohol vinegar neutralizes the odor – To remove the odor of shoes you need to immerse your shoes in a solution of vinegar (one cup vinegar, 3-4 liters of water). Dip your shoes inside, leave it for 2-3 hours and then wash them.

In addition we present you a few tricks for the comfort of the shoes:

  • Spread of shoes – above all, it is best to buy shoes in the afternoon because your feet during the day spread. If you do not want blisters to appear, for spreading, heat them slightly with a hair dryer. Freezer will help you with the fingers – fill pouch with water and put the shoes together in the freezer. As the frozen water will spread so will the mold and toes. When you remove them, wait for the frozen water to melt and remove poach.
  • Deodorant against blisters – Apply deodorant in form of gel on places where the shoes nibble you the most. Deodorant in gel form acts as a lubricant and at the same time the shoes will smell perfectly.
  • For heels, cleave your fingers – In order to reduce the pain in the legs, or the pressure while you wear shoes with high heels, with a plaster cleave the second and third or third and fourth finger. This, the pain of wearing high heels will significantly decrease.
  • Beeswax against leakage of water – In your shoes place beeswax, heat it with dryer in order to soak the wax into the fabric.

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