If You Want To Remain Being Healthy, Throw Away These Items!


Old plastic dishes/containers…

Check good all plastic containers for food storage that you have at home and discard those that are made of solid plastic, labeled with 7 or PC (polycarbonate) because these items may contain bisphenol A. Today producers do not add bisphenol A in newly made plastic containers. However, there is a high probability that most of the old ones contain it.

Antibacterial soaps

Antibacterial soaps are not only effective for killing bacteria, but, according to the Food and Drug Administration, they may also be harmful. The active ingredient present in antibacterial soap, called triclosan, affects the work of hormones, so there is no doubt that this chemical can contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Overused toothbrush

If you regularly and properly wash your teeth, in the morning and evening, then the toothbrush is consumes very soon. This item starts damaging after two months of using, but it would be best to change it on every three months. Overused toothbrushes are less effective and as such they will only damage the teeth, your teeth will not be entirely washed, cause bleeding, and thus also carries and periodontitis.

Clothes you no longer wear

How many things of your closet you have not been wearing for a very long time? If your closet is cluttered, discard all clothing pieces you have not put for a longer period of time. There is no point in getting nervous and rifling through them whenever you change your clothes.

Worn out sneakers

After every 500 to 650 miles you should replace running sneakers, claims physiologist Jason Karp. If you run 50 miles a week, your sneakers should be replaced with new ones after three months. When sneakers are worn for a long time, their pads are getting thin and therefore pain in muscles and bones occur. This is due to lack of sufficiently mitigated touch of the foot to the ground. If you do not run, then change your thins on every six months.

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