If You Eat Baked Potato 4 Times Per Week – This Will Happen!

It is prepared in different ways and in any prepared way is delicious, baked, friend, boiled and chips… But experts warn that still you need to be careful, especially if you consume it frequently and if you salt them.

What frequently means? The potato is ingredient that is used worldwide and experts warn that baked potato if it is consumed four or more times a week represents risk of getting high blood pressure.

Friend potatoes and chips contain more fat and thus the risk of getting many health problems is increased. Experts from Harvard say that frequent consumption of potato no matter on which way is prepared represents risk for increased blood pressure. As main responsible ingredient they indicate the starch.

Potato has high glycemic index, carbohydrates inside the body will quickly become sugars and this can cause problems with increased sugar levels in blood.

It was done research at Harvard that covered 187, 000 men and women and lasted 20 years. The results were published in British Medical Journal and they have shown that women are at increased risk if they often consume potatoes compared to men.

If one meal from potato is replaced with some kind of vegetable which does not contain starch, the risk of high blood pressure will be reduced to 7%.

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