How To Use Green Tomato For Varicose Veins?

It is less known that green tomato is used for external use for varicose veins. This recipe for preparing drug for varicose veins originates from the Russian folk medicine.

How to use green tomato for treating veins?

This is one very simple homemade drug. First, you need to wash the tomato well and then chop it into smaller pieces. Place it later on the critical areas where the varicose veins are visible, where there are present knots and chapped capillaries.

You need to fix the tomato with bandage if you want it to remain attached to the skin. It should be left as long as you would not be able anymore to submit the itching. After removal, the skin should be washed with cold water. The procedure should be repeated 5 times a day. If regularly and correctly the procedure is made, very quickly you will see the results. If you apply it for two weeks, every day, positive change will follow. The network made from capillaries will start to fade and the knots will be reduced and as most important, the pain will disappear.

Also, red tomato can also be used as the green. The procedure is the same; the only difference is that the red tomato can longer stand on the painful spot so you should leave it through the night.

How tomato acts on the veins?

Tomatoes are perfect for preventing the blood to clot thanks to acids inside which act as antuiagulases.  In addition, tomato has power to strength the walls of blood vessels.

When it comes to consumption of green tomato, it is not recommended to be consumed in fresh condition because it contains alkaloid solanine (alkaloid which can also be found in potatoes and is considered as un- ripe). Green tomatoes can be consumed only if they are thermal cooked.

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