How To Strengthen Your Organism After Surgery And Radiation


Since the organism is weaken after a surgery and/or radiation you need to do everything in your power to bring back your strength and energy. Austrian herbalist Rudolf Broys recommends drinking geranium tea after radiation treatment(s). In order to strengthen your organism use rose, nettle, couch grass, Echinacea and Shiitake mushrooms. Every organism, even the healthiest one, becomes more sensitive to infections, viruses and bacteria after a surgery. This is why you need to cleanse your blood of toxins and strengthen both your organism and immune system. In the post-surgery period many burdens such as anemia, wound healing and increased heart rate appear.

The following advices will help you soothe the recovery process and make is faster and painless.

Syrup for strengthening the organism for adults

Ingredients needed:

– 100 grams of nettle root

– 100 grams of couch grass

– 1,5 liters of homemade red wine

– 500 grams of honey

Pour the wine over the nettle root and couch grass. Let the mixture stand still for 10 hours. Cook the mixture on low fire. Once the mixture starts boiling, cook for another 15 minutes. Strain the mixture when you are done cooking, wait for it to cool little bit and add the honey afterwards. Give the resulting mixture a good stir before you transfer it in a glass bottle. Drink 100 ml of this remedy before every meal.

If a certain wound is itching you

If a certain skin wound or scar gives you an itching sensation all you need to do in order to stop the itching is apply a mixture made of equal parts olive oil and St John’s wort oil onto the affected area several times a day.

Energy drink – birch juice

Ancient Greeks and Romans used to refresh their organism with birch juice. This juice, which is also called birch water, has sour like taste. Birch juice is collected in spring. Make a hole with 5 cm of depth in birch tree’s stem and place a straw in it. The stem will secretes juice which you need to collect in the upcoming seven days. Once you are done collecting the juice do not forget to put a wooden stopper in the hole you made. Also, very important thing to remember is not to collect juice from a tree which you previously used.

Rose flowers will help you after surgery

Drink one cup of strong rose tea or syrup three times a day.

Put two handfuls of dried rose petals in a bowl and pour 500 grams of boiling water over them. Let the mixture stand still for 24 hours. After that, add 500 grams of sugar and place the bowl you are using on low fire. Cook until the mixture until you get syrup like thickness.

How to improve your blood counts

Make a mixture suing a pinch of anise, a teaspoon of rosehip and a teaspoon of clover. Pour 350 grams of boiling water over them. Consume 3 cups of the resulting mixture on a daily basis.

Against rapid pulse

Rapid pulse and heart’s work problems sometimes may occur after a surgery due to anesthetics effects. In order to overcome these health conditions drink the following tea.

Pour 300 grams of boiling water over 5 lavender and 5 orange flowers. Let the mixture stand still for a half an hour before you strain it. If you want to, you can sweeten this tea with honey. Consume 50 grams of the tea both in the morning and evening.

Use geranium against radiation

In case you have been radiated or went through a radiation procedure due to dealing with a certain cancerous diseases, drink one cup of geranium tea on a daily basis. This advice is given by Austrian herbalist Rudolf Broys.

Pour 125 ml of boiling water over a pinch of crushed geranium tea. Let the mixture stand still for 10 minutes before you drink it. Drink one cup of this tea, slowly, sip by sip, on a daily basis.

Nutrition in the postoperative period

After the postoperative starving period you need to make sure your diet is consisted of easily digested ingredients. Gradually increase the amount of calories in your diet. In the beginning you need to eat young cheese, black bread, oat meals, buckwheat and barley. Also, make sure you eat cooked vegetables, chicken and veal. Consume plant teas which will help you eject toxins and harmful materials through urine out of the body. Drinking yogurt is also recommended.

It is recommended to consume clear soups on a daily basis, ten days after the surgery. When it comes to spices, you are “allowed” to consume thyme, basil, parsley, celery and oregano. Avoid white sugar, salt and white flour.

Consume both forest and acacia honey. Also, you need to avoid eating fruits several days after the surgery. Instead, you can consume apple and peach compotes.

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