How To React To Heart Attack


Age of heart attack victims is constantly decreasing. This is why you must know how to protect yourselves and how to react in this kind of situation. You may know how to help others, but do you know how to help yourselves?

Many people who suffered heart attack were alone during the actual attack. Since you are alone and there is no one to help you, the most important thing is not to panic! Your heart starts to beat irregularly and you have about 10 seconds before you faint. During these 10 seconds you need to inhale deeply and cough very strong. Repeat this over and over again. Remember to cough deep and strong.

You should inhale deeply and cough strongly on every two seconds. Repeat this method until help arrives or you feel like your heart beats normal again.

Breathing supplies the lungs with oxygen while coughing maintain circulation. If you find yourselves in this kind of situation, pressing the area around the heart may also help. This way you can save yourselves until you arrive at the hospital.

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