How To Properly Clean Your Belly Button?


Belly button is a scar we got from birth and removing of umbilical cord on which we do not pay as much attention as we should. However, bellybutton is a part of the body which we should clean as regularly as the rest of the body.

Regular shower is not quite enough for cleaning this part of the body because it is prone to collecting bacteria.

There are 65 different bacteria in this part of the body. Once you read this article you will learn how simple it is to clean bellybutton and wonder why you have neglected it all this time.

– If you have an “innie” bellybutton, clean it by using a cotton swab soaked in a mixture made of water and soap. You can also wipe it with alcohol.

– If you have an “outie” bellybutton clean it with towel soaked in mixture made of water and soap. It is enough to practice this procedure once a month.

Why is cleaning the bellybutton important?

If there is lot of collected and accumulated dirt in the bellybutton, different kinds of infections accompanied by redness, itching, irritated skin and smell can develop.

In case have you already come across the abovementioned bellybutton problems, we recommend you to immediately visit dermatologist.

Note: Make sure you are always extremely careful and gentle while cleaning your bellybutton so you do not make any additional complications.

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