How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever? Checked Acts 100%!

Cockroaches, a problem that can’t be solved by itself. Cockroaches as a part of our home is a big problem that we must deal with it.

Thus, every owner of a house that includes cockroaches, wants to come to an end with that kind of vermin.

A lot of products can be found elsewhere against this threat, but many of these products have certain foibles: cockroaches are gone for a while, in the house remains unpleasant essence and of course those chemical products are dangerous for our health.

There’s always a way. A recipe that can be trusted which allows complete elimination.

The recipe is composed of:

Everything you need is one raw egg yolk, pour in it 50 g (1.7 oz) of boric crabbed powder (borax or boric powder)

Muddle up the formation of a thick gruel. From this intermixture make a small balls. Wait until raw-boned (about an hour) and dispose them all over the house in visible places and corners. Make sure that the bathroom and the kitchen are well covered with the mixture. 

Pay attention to the place, it should be visible, not from your perspective, but from the perspective of the cockroaches zones like shelves, closets, kitchen cabinets and everything else that is above your eyes.

Cockroach will never be aware of the masked ball with boric crabbed powder, she will come out from whimsicality. Will graze with his moustache and be demised, if not, then the hellish itch. Will not be able to give a sign to his brothers because of the effect of the powder. The balls will reach more and more healthy cockroaches, so the doomed ones can infect the healthy cockroaches.

After 3 or 4 weeks you will clean massive amount of dead cockroaches. After this steps cockroaches are finally gone!
If females were somehow able to lay eggs, the war continuous with the same weapon! There is possibility that cockroaches can move to your neighbors while you try to poison them, but there is no place for worries.

These balls are not dangerous for us, human or for our pets. So they can be safely placed around the corners and other spots in the house in which small children live.

Boric crabbed powder is not toxic, mostly is used for disinfection. If you can’t find this powder, use a 3 % solution of boric acid which can be found in all pharmacies which most of you can afford that. One raw egg yolks, mix it up with 100 ml boric acid and add a small amount of flour tread out the balls.


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