How To Clean Your Ears Of Dirt: Advice From Otorhinolaryngologist

Human ears are organ which are cleaning by themselves and this is achieved during chewing, coughing or sneezing. Actually it is achieved in every small and sudden movement, then the earwax eliminates itself.

Very often it happens that the wax deposits which are accumulating in the ear canal convert into plugs and the ears will become clogged.

In cases like this, washing of the ears should be done and for best it should be done by doctor. But, before visiting doctor, try this following procedure that can help you and it can be done in home conditions. This procedure which is done in home conditions is recommended by otorhinolaryngologists.

The best effective means of flushing the ears and removal of plugs is 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, among people known as hydrogen.

Process for the removal of the plugs in the ears:

Apply with a pipette 4-5 drops of 3% hydrogen inside your ear.

You head should be bent or you should lie down and remain in this position for around 5 minutes. You will feel little noise inside your ear and it will mean that there was a reaction and the plug began to soft.

DO not use sticks for ears, just wipe with paper towel.

Usually hydrogen will solve the problem of deposits inside the ears. But, if the first time you do not feel significant relief, repeat the procedure again after several hours. The next day repeat the procedure.

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