How Much Kilograms Is Healthy To Lose For 7 Days?

For many times you have heard that some woman managed in just a week to lose 5 kilograms. Many diets promise quick results but that does not mean that they are healthy.

If you strict to your diet rules and you regularly exercise it is healthiest to lose 1 to 2 kilograms for a week. You should know that losing weight depends of many factors: age, initial weight, dietary habits…

The more weight you have, the faster you will lose them at the beginning of the diet and the results will be visible.

The kilograms which you can lose and the kilograms which you should lose are two different things. If you want to lose excess kilograms without getting them back for a short time you should lose them gradually and slowly. Actually from 0, 5 to 1 kilogram weekly and the result will be permanent.

Nutritionist’s advice: If you want quickly to lose weight then for it, to be permanent for best, reduce your daily calorie intake and do internal trainings.

This way will help you to not encumber your organism or disturb your metabolism.

Tip: Do not overload yourself with diets that promise you losing more than 2 kilograms for 7 days.

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