How Can Air Conditioners Be Dangerous To Health?

No matter they can save you from heat, many researchers confirm that air conditioners are not your friend. You can just have very negative effects on your health if your air conditioner is not cleaned regularly.

1. Many bacteria and microorganisms live in air conditioners. Among others, there is the most dangerous one called legionella bacteria, which can sometimes be fatal.

It develops and reproduces in devices that are not maintained properly, and symptoms of the disease causes by the bacteria are weakness, fatigue, muscle pain, increased body temperature to 39 degrees, cough without expectoration etc.

The most endangered are the people who have respiratory problems, small children, the chronically ill, alcoholics and the elderly. If not detected in time this disease can end up with death, but if detected on time it can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

2. When it comes to danger, the second most dangerous disease that can occur from air conditioners is coxsackie virus, which is more and more widespread among people.

It is believes this specific virus, that attacks the heart, is largely associated with the growing use of air conditioning.

Air conditioning are certainly first litter of infection if you do not call service regularly.

By proper maintenance of these coolers is meant cleaning them each year, and if you live in a major city and polluted environment, the maintenance involves cleaning up twice a year.

By regularly cleaning air conditioners you will discard fatal consequences for your health, as well as those “mild”, equally undesirable ones such as sinus problems, conjunctivitis, ear infections, and even asthma, irritation of eyes, nose and throat, cough, strong headache and fatigue.

Well, feel free to cool yourselves, but before putting the air conditioner on make sure to check the date of its last service. Also keep in mind that the difference between internal and external temperature must be greater than 6 degrees.

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