Homemade Remedy For Lowering High Body Temperature


Put 125 ml of apple cider vinegar and 125 ml of honey in a glass. Mix the ingredients well. Drink half of the resulting mixture right away. Drink one sip, on every five minutes, of the other half of the remedy. You will notice this remedy’s effect pretty soon after the consumption.

Apple cider vinegar kills viruses in the organism. This way the temperature will decrease and your organism will start recovering.

You can consume this two-ingredient remedy three times a day.

Recipe against viruses

Ingredients needed:

– 50 grams of grind ginger

– 50 grams of finely chopped cranberry

– 50 grams of powdered cinnamon

– 500 grams of honey

– Juice of one lemon

Mix all ingredients until you get homogeneous mixture. Consume one teaspoon of the resulting mixture two times a day.

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