Home Remedy For Burns

Home Remedy For BurnsOne of the best first aid solutions, when it comes to burns, is vinegar. After the injury as quickly as possible pour a little vinegar, then cover the wound with gauze soaked in vinegar.

Also great vinegar substitute in such situations is the essential oil of lavender. If you apply it immediately after the injury, it will reduce the risk of infections and other complications. Lavender is an excellent antiseptic which simultaneously soothes the pain.

Also Aloe is a good alternative. This plant has been proven to be very beneficial for the skin. Slice of aloe is placed directly on the burnt place. Cover the piece of aloe with gauze and now you have 100% aloe gel.

Marigold or coatings of St. John’s Wort is also a very good way to treat such wounds. Marigold and St. John’s Wort is stored in a glass container in the olive oil and left in the sun for a while. Apply it directly on the wound as a coating.

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