Here’s What Happens Inside You When a Mosquito Bites

heres-what-happens-inside-you-when-a-mosquito-bitesAll of us know that the feeling when mosquito bites us is not exactly pleasant. Also, all of us can recognize the swelling that comes after the bite. But do you know how the process when bitten by an insect looks?

Find out below what exactly happens to your body when the insect chooses you as its “meal”.

Before the Bite

The warmth of your body is a real lure for mosquitoes. Because of the heat, flies and other insects can feel you even from 150 meters away. Although men release more heat and carbon monoxide, they are more protected from insects because they are more hairy than women. Since women are not as hairy they are more exposed to insects.

During the Bite

First, insects go down on your skin and examine the territory. They penetrate below your skin and before they intake a certain amount of blood they inject some of their saliva, as a tranquilizer. By the time you feel the sting, the mosquito had probably already been fed.

After Several Minutes

Your body identifies saliva as foreign body. Lymphocytes are fighting to destroy the foreign body. This process causes flushing, itching and swelling. It is recommended not to rub the skin because that can only worsen the situation.

After Several Hours

As long as mosquito saliva is present the itching is present and it can last for hours. The best thing to do is to ignore it. The products sold, in order to alleviate this feeling, are usually not effective.

The Next Day

Each body reacts differently. So, if the place of the bite is still sore the next day and if you’re sensitive, there are high chances for you to wake up with a large swelling. However, it may look bad, but it is not dangerous. In this case, put a little ice on the swollen place, it will do the trick.

After Two or Three Days

It is likely that the effects of bite are already missing. However, if you feel symptoms such as headache and nausea, seek medical advice to rule out the possibility of infection or contamination with dangerous virus.

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