Here Is Why You Must Not Eat More Than One Egg Daily!

The egg is ingredient which is present in our daily menu on this or that way. However, you probably did not knew that you should not consume more than 1 egg daily?

Medical experts for longer period of time advise and warn about the negative effect that the egg has on human health. It is mostly because of the cholesterol that it contains. But besides that people rarely decide to cut it off from the diet.

The biggest concern about the egg consumption comes from the question if they are organic or “artificial”. And actually biggest problem about it is the content of the egg and the cholesterol inside it regardless of the kind that we eat from.

The most common health problems in the world are diseases of the blood vessels and they are manifested by disruption of the cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. These diseases are direct consequence of poor nutrition, which, definitely includes the consumption of eggs in unacceptable quantities.

The yolk from egg contains 180 to 230 mg cholesterol depending on its size. The largest allowable intake of cholesterol per day is limited to 300mg.

When you look at these facts you will realize that you must not eat more than one egg during the day. But, even by knowing that the cholesterol is present in the yolk, this limitation only applies on for the yolk. The egg white, does not contain cholesterol and you can eat more than one of it per day. But, do not forget that the eggs can be found in the composition of many products so, better be careful what you enter in your body.

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