Here Is Why After A Cup Of Coffee You Run To The Bathroom


An American team of experts made a research to find out why after drinking a cup of coffee some people immediately run to the bathroom. If you thought that caffeine is the culprit, you are wrong.

First of all, not all coffee consumers feel this coffee effect. Only 3 out of 10 people encounter such an occurrence. Most people think that caffeine has a laxative effect, but research has shown that decaffeinated coffee also has a laxative effect.

Scientists believe that the laxative effect of coffee is caused by its acidic nature. The first thing that scientists have found was the high levels of stomach acid, which, thanks to chlorogenic acid, activates the stomach.

Drinking coffee also increases gastrin which relaxes muscles in the rectum. At the same time, coffee increases the level of cholecystokinin which releases bile enzymes and regulates emptying of the body.

Due to its acid, coffee affects the body to digest food faster, so you have a few minutes to run into the bathroom.

Despite all these trials, scientists believe they need to do a lot of work before they solve the mystery of this phenomenon.

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