Here Is What Is Going To Happen If You Can Drink It Every Day!

This is completely unbelievable story reveals that it is worth to regularly use folk medicine remedies. Find out why.

We all know that chamomile tea possesses healing properties and we all probably it in the household. However, would you drink it on a daily basis? Here is why you should!

The latest study showed that chamomile tea affects longevity, but only in women. This herb reduces the risk of all types of death by incredible 29%.

The scientists were not clear why it affects one sex only, i.e. why it prolongs the life of women.

During seven years American scientists tested 1677 men and women from the United States and Mexico. They were studying the data for epidemiological studies in the elderly, 14% of them drank chamomile tea. They found that women who drank chamomile tea have lower risk of premature death by even 29%, lower than those who are not drinking chamomile.

This ratio remained as such that even researchers included a medical history, genetic predisposition and lifestyle, so you can say that the data is relevant, however, what is interesting, these results accordingly were not valid for men, but only for women.

However, the conclusion is that chamomile tea reduces the risk of premature death in women, but only in those who consume it regularly.

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