Here Is What Can Happen If You Use Colored And Scented Toilet Paper


Pink, yellow, blue, with the smell of lavender, rose, jasmine… Nowadays toilet paper is found in all colors and they all smell very nice. But few people know that this toilet paper should be avoided and not used. Do you know why?

In 1987, American Administration Food and Drug Administration banned using certain colors and scents in the pharmaceutical industry after tests on animals showed an increased incidence of tumors of the same. Although the technology today is quite refined and changed, the concerns about the use of colored and scented toilet paper is still present.

The addition of chemicals, such as color, bleach and various odors in the toilet paper endanger human health and pollute the environment.

Infections of the urethra

Colored toilet paper can be very irritating to the vaginal area, so its use is often a cause of infection of the urethra.

Cancer of the cervix

It is assumed that the color of toilet paper has a direct impact on the female reproductive system and can increase the chance of developing cancer of the cervix.

Rectal problems

The use of colored and perfumed toilet paper can cause inflammation and itching in the rectal area. Checking your stool from time to time can be very positive habit just because you might notice a change in time, such as blood in the stool. When using colored toilet paper we hardly notice the change in stool, especially if the tread or the color is red and when wet it can look as if there were bloody marks on it. In fact, such traces are the most common signs of colon cancer and the use of red toilet paper can prevent you from noticing this disease.

Fungal infections

One of the questions gynecologists asks women who have fungal infections is if they use colored or scented toilet paper. In fact, experts have found a connection between this infection and colored toilet paper.

Healthy environment

Adding color and scent in the toilet paper further pollutes the environment. The use of white or unbleached toilet is a small step, but big step when it comes to preserving the environment. However, not every white toilet is safe.

Many do not know but white toilet can also be dangerous to health. Some producers bleach toilet paper with chlorine. Chlorine discharges dangerous toxins that can cause numerous health problems. So when buying toilet paper always read the ingredients listed on the packaging. If you see that chlorine is listed you need to find another toilet from another manufacturer that does not use chemicals.

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