Here Is What Can Be Healed By Crying


By crying we get rid of negative emotions, but, tears are also a defense of bacteria or reaction to certain chemicals.

Tears are certainly not a sign of weakness or something bad. Sometimes it is good to cry. Read this article and find out why.

Tears clean the eyes

Tears act as a natural antibiotic and eliminate 95% of harmful bacteria in the eyes within 5 minutes.

Tears improve sight.

When eye membrane is dry and dehydrated, sight problems occur. In this situation our vision is just blurred. Tears maintain the moisture in the membrane and thus facilitate and improve eyesight.

Tears eliminate toxins

Doctor William Fey, researcher in the Remzy medical center in Minneapolis, found that tears have different composition which depends on the reasons why we cry. Reflex-tears which occur while we cut onions are consisted 98% of water, while tears caused by emotions are filled with the stress hormone called prolactin.

Tears offer emotional relief and connection with other people

When emotion take control, crying is inevitable. Crying helps us to easily continue living our lives. It also awakens our protective instincts and acts as a cry for help… literally. Crying causes attention, so when a person sees someone crying, their protective instinct is activated and they want to comfort them. This is how vulnerability helps us connect with other people.

Tears offer comfort

Studies have found that crying increases levels of the hormone of happiness called oxytocin which blocks the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. While we are crying our body releases endorphins, hormones which are released during physical activity. Therefore, it is not surprising that when we have a good cry, we feel much better.

Interesting facts about tears

Women cry four times more than men, but, when it comes to crying over a dead person, there is no difference. Very interesting fact is that men often cry over positive stuff, while women cry over negative. This difference is caused by hormones. Testosterone suppresses the need to cry, while prolactin, female hormone, encourages empathy and tears.

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