Cancer Curing Bugs? They Are Consumed Alive And Then They “EAT” The Cancer!

Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease which does not skip neither poor neither rich people, or neither sex or age. Cancer is insidious disease with fatal outcome in most cases.
Scientists and doctors are trying to find a solution for this terrible disease and always when the all think that the solution is found, something happens that proves that it is not the right solution for it.

A woman who wanted to remain anonymous, revealed how she got the battle against cancer. She claims that doctors predicted six months of life to her after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The woman refused to surrender and she was seeking a solution that could help to her. She claims that the treatment with bugs helped her to win the battle with cancer.

In the beginning she was skeptical but since she had already nothing to lose she accepted the challenge. This information and method of treatment she received from internet. She decided to try it and after six months she felt better. She practiced this therapy for whole year and after then, two years passed and she is now healthy and alive.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant disease at women, and when someone gets sick from this kind of disease, embraces every potential remedy even the one which requires consumption of living insects.

Coleotherapy or therapy with wheat weevil is alternative treatment for treating cancer. It is believed that this treatment also helps in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, Parkinson’s disease and other diseases.

By using this therapy the quality of life of the patient is improved and the pain is reduced after only 10 days of consumption and the immune system is stimulated.


Wheat weevil should be consumed alive, without biting, they should be swallowed with water and then they inside the stomach are breaking and release coleotoxina because the amino acid is interrupting them and then their action begins.

According to people who have experience with this treatment, they believe that they have stronger effect than morphine because when bugs are swallowed if you accidentally bite them, they will release liquid from which your tongue will rigid.


Treatment involves daily consumption on the following way:   

Day 1 – 1 bug

Day 2 – 2 bugs

Day 3 – 3 bugs


Day 70 – 70 bugs

Then backwards

Day 69 – 69 bugs

Day 68 – 68 bugs

Day 67 – 67 bugs


Day 1 – 1 bug

Depending on the degree of the disease you can start the treatment with 10, 20 or 30 bugs and add the next day by one.
Keeping the bugs:
The bugs should be kept in glass container, like jar and be covered with only thin gauze so they will be able to breathe.

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