Get The Waist Line Of Your Dreams Within 6 Minutes


You are not satisfied with your waist line? You want to solve your problem with excess weigh fast?

Experts claim that if you workout for just 6 minutes on a daily basis you will be able to easily get rid of excess fat. Short exercise is great in the mornings because it will stimulate body’s upper and lower parts, which means it speeds the metabolism. Do two series of each exercise but remember to make a short break in between.

1. Squats

Do 15 reps in 1 set. Your spine should be straight, and your legs should be in parallel position with each-other. Remember to spread them equally with the width of your hips.

2. Push ups

For starters, 15 reps are quite enough. After a while you will be able to do 2 sets. This exercise is usually practiced by men but it is not forbidden or anything for girls as well.

3. Bicycle

Lie on your back and lift your legs upwards. Take a position as if you are riding an air-bicycle and start pushing the air pedals.

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