Get Rid Of Pain Using Simple Aluminum Foil


If you have problems with pain in the back, shoulders, neck, knees, or have pain in the heel (which does not allow you to stand normally), put aluminum foil onto the affected place(s). After some time, the pain will disappear completely. This unusual method of treatment was used long ago by Chinese and Russian healers.

How does aluminum foil heals?

Take an ordinary aluminum foil, place it on the affected area and fix it with a plaster. This treatment applies to all types of pain.

Chinese foil treatment therapy is recommend to be done in a period of 10 to 12 days. Every day you should attach a piece of foil onto the affected area and hold it all day or all night. After that, make a break of 2 weeks and if necessary repeat the treatment. Foil possesses anti-inflammatory effect.

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