Get Rid Of Cracked And Rough Heel Skin


Cracked heel skin usually occurs due to pressure on the skin caused by long standing, uncomfortable shoes, as well as due to psoriasis. Thickening of heel skin leads to poor circulation and elasticity, and occurs due to accumulation of excess dead skin. You must regularly nurture our feet. Of course, pumice stone and sponge do miracles, but your heels need additional help.

Three main things you need to know – scrape, scrape and only scrape. If you do not want to end up with pain and sore hands from scraping, you need to help yourself. Good feet-bath, which is very simple to prepare, consisted of easily available ingredients, can help you very much. First, soak your heels in the bath for an hour, before you work with the pumice stone in order to remove dead skin and get beautiful soft soles.

Peeling for cracked heels

Ingredients needed:

– 250 ml of olive oil

– 1,5 cups of sea salt

– 2 lemons

– Little bit of fresh rosemary or lavender

Method of preparation:

Mix the olive oil with the sea salt and add the fresh rosemary or lavender afterwards. Cook this mixture in water for several minutes. Put lukewarm water in basin, in which you will soak your feet, and add the lemons, which you need to cut in half. Finally, add half a cup of the previous olive oil mixture in the basin and add cold water if needed.

Put your feet in the feet bath and let them soak for 15 minutes. After that, rub your heels with the mixture made of sea salt and half a lemon. Next, use pumice stone in order to remove excess dead skin off of your heels. Wash and dry your feet. Apply some feet cream or body lotion and put on a cotton socks. Lie down and rest your feet.

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