Get Ready For Hot Summer: Make Your Own Sunscreen


You are still in doubt what cream to use in order to be protected from sunburns, and also to get a dark tan.

For years, you use olive oil besides being aware that it has a protective factor 2, which is not enough to protect you from UV rays. Try to increase the protective factor of olive oil with the addition of carrots and nuts. They have a higher SPF and provide superior care to the skin too.

Carrots contain beta-carotene and vitamin A, which slow down aging, prevent photo sensitivity and accelerate tanning of the skin. Also, lavender has a positive effect, acts against acne, burns and wounds.

How to make homemade sunscreen?

Put some grated carrots, chopped nuts and a few lavender flowers in a glass jar. Add olive oil in order to combine the ingredients. Allow the jar to stand still for twenty days in the sun. Then strain the mixture and the oil is ready for use. Besides it will protect you from UV rays, this oil is a great elixir for skin rejuvenation.

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