Fruit Yogurt With Ginger Which Melts Fat And Cellulite!

Melting fat is not simple and cannot be focused on precise areas of the body (for example, abdomen, tights, upper arms, etc.). Also, cellulite represents problem that we must daily fight against.

However, there are certain ways that can help you quickly to get rid of the unpleasant soft body parts and show your figure in a complete splendor.

In this article we will specifically dwell on the fruit yogurt with ginger which will help you to reduce your fat and cellulite.

This drink is ideal for breakfast, snack or dinner.


  • Yogurt (has perfect effect on the body fat and regulates digestion, contains good bacteria that help the digestive system)
  • Ginger (increases circulation and rejuvenates the skin, relieves spasms and removes muscle pain)
  • Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or currants (these are powerful antioxidants that are rich in vitamin C which stimulates the production of collagen, it treats the skin and keeps the immune system)
  • Banana ( too rich in potassium, regulates water retention in the body which increases the cellulite on the skin’s surface)


Put all the ingredients into blender and optionally add a few ice cubes in order to refresh the drink.

Note: Do not overdo with ginger because it has strong flavor, piece sized as your fingernail is sufficient.

Tip: Inside the drink if you desire, you can add few fresh mint leaves or cinnamon and honey. Also, almonds are excellent choice. Do not make stock of the drink, always consume it freshly prepared.


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