Frozen Foods You Should Avoid


Frozen food may be easily prepared but you may never know how many times it has been frozen before you buy it. Usually fruits and vegetables that are out of their season are eaten frozen and the other ones are eaten fresh. This is the best way to absorb as many nutrients as possible. But, there are some ingredients you should avoid in their frozen form.

When it comes to nutrients between fresh and frozen food there is not much of a difference. The problem is you buy semi-finished and finished frozen products. However, the way of preparing frozen products strongly affects their nutrient values and health benefits.

Here is what you need to avoid:

Frozen fries

Even the freshest fries are never an example for healthy food and it is better not to talk about the frozen one. Besides that, frozen fries are packed in plastic bags which can contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are bad for our health.

Frozen pasta

Different types of pasta which are put in semi-finished meal are mainly consisted of fats which are harmful for our health because they hinder circulation. Frozen pasta also contain sodium based additives.

Frozen semi-finished or finished cookies or baked goods

Semi-finished cookies which take only 2 minutes out of your time in order to prepare them are not good for your health. Instead of buying these products try and make deserts by yourselves. This way you will be sure of what is inside the cookies and you will be able to control the amount of sugar and additives.

Frozen baked goods

Chances that these foods are filled with additives and unwanted substances are very high. In case you are too lazy to make dough at home by yourselves, you can always go to some pizzeria and eat your pizza there. However, both solutions are better than the “frozen” one.

Frozen chicken Crockett

These Crockett there are too much fats and too little meat. Frozen chicken has two to three times more fats than a simple cheeseburger.

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