Food That Increases Your Appetite And Makes You Hungrier


Do you often feel hungry right after you have been eating?

Food should remove hunger, but some products act exactly contrary, make you feel hungrier.

If you intend to keep dieting or simply do not want to overeat, learn which foods are the biggest trap for your stomach.

White pasta

White pasta does not contain enough nutrients and fiber because of its industrial processing. This is why pasta is considered as a concentrated rather than healthy food. They belong into simple carbohydrates which increase the level of glucose in the blood. This is why you have increased feeling of hunger.

French fries

Fries is a delicious addition to many dishes and we all love it. Even though only a few can resist consuming these carbohydrates, they are rich in starch and soon you will feel hunger again no matter how much you ate. Read the truth about you French fries Here.

Fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt is an excellent source of calcium which is good for bone health. But when eating fruit yogurt you are actually entering more sugars than nutrients.

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