Five Rules For Freezing Food You Must Obey

Foods that are kept frozen are healthy, and it is also very practical and makes life easier for us. But when it comes to the method of freezing food there are sine rules that ensure healthy food preparation, maintaining the same quality, as well as saving electrical energy and time.

1. The freezer should always be full

If you thought that full freezer uses more energy and does not guarantee quality of frozen food, you are wrong. Half-empty or empty freezer is bigger consumer than full. Frozen foods maintain temperature easily because the circulation of cool air is then weaker, which makes consumption of electrical energy less.

2. Freeze food in small portions

Before you freeze the ingredients, divide them into smaller portions. This way you will save time and energy, because small amounts of food freeze quickly.

3. Always wrap the food before freezing it

Food that is in direct contact with the ice can be damaged and with changed structure. In order to disrupt this you need to always place the food is plastic bag before freezing. Also before freezing the meat you can marinate it in oil and spices, and then pack it in a plastic bag and freeze it so you preserve its freshness and soft structure.

4. If you doubt the food’s quality do not freeze it

You should not be freezing suspicious foods, foods that have already been frozen once or expired food. Although the low temperature preserves foods, it cannot destroy bacteria and microorganisms that are already present in the food.

5. Do not forget to defrost and clean your freezer

Even though it represents a real effort for some, hygiene is still the priority. Clean freezer constitutes healthy and secure food. Layers of ice that form on the sides of the freezer reduce its power and then it spends more electric energy. Also the layers of ice can have bacteria that can contaminate food stored in the freezer.

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