Find Out Which Diseases Are Threatening You Depending On Your Hair Color


Experts indicate that hair quality tells a lot about your overall health. Maybe it is hard to believe but hair color shows fondness for certain health problems.

Blonde hair

According to experts, people with blond hair has tendency to getting a disease linked with aging which slowly but surely destroys your sight. It is called macular degeneration or cataract. In order to prevent this, people with blond hair should consume lutein rich vegetables such as spinach and kale. Blondes also have higher chances of melanoma development. Melanin is the main factor that determines hair color and people with blond hair have lesser production of it. This is why they have sensitive skin and higher risk of getting melanoma.

Brown hair

Unlike other woman, brunettes’ hair falls more often. It is assumed that this is due to the fact that these peoples’ rarer hair is less resistant to internal and external influences. Hair loss can be prevented by entering more vitamins and minerals and having a healthy diet.

Red hair

According to several researches is it established that anesthetics act less in redheads. It still cannot be explained why but it is assumed that this is due to the mutation of the gene that gives red color to the hair. Redheads also have higher chances of getting Parkinson’s disease. The progress and development of this disease can be prevented by large intake of multivitamin.

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