Fill Yourselves With Energy Early In The Morning


Here is what you need to eat for breakfast in order do to achieve this

You must not skip breakfast! Instead of skipping it, try to gain benefits from it. You will do this if you eat the following ingredients:

Greek yogurt

It is very rich in protein and has rich taste as well. You can enrich it by adding seasonal fruits and little bit of honey if you want to sweeten it.


Eggs are rich in protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Prepare omelet with spinach and bacon and there you have it – breakfast that will keep you energized.

Cottage cheese

It has kind of sour taste but it is rich in protein. You can combine cottage cheese with fresh vegetables. The protein-calcium combination is going to strengthen you bones.


Walnuts are great addition for your whole grain breakfast. Besides the fact that walnuts will fill you with energy, they will also decrease the risk of getting any kind of heart diseases and will lower bad cholesterol.

Integral toast

If you eat whole grain toast, you will be full for longer period of time. You can spread peanut butter over it in order to enter more nutrients, healthy fats and protein.

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