Fermented Honey Water – Honey Acid

There are more kinds of acid, from which the most famous are malic, alcohol and wine acid. Malic acid is the most efficient one and is the most easily available at our table. This is why it is used as a mean of treatment which stimulates the body’s resistance to certain diseases. It is especially effective in fighting high cholesterol level.

But, did you know that honey acid is also produced?

The usage of this acid is almost unknown, but due to its special taste it deserves some attention.

How honey acid is produced?

1. A mixture made of honey and water is left to ferment.

2. The fermentation solution is made of five parts of water and one part of honey (5:1).

3. Everything needs to be well mixed in order to get homogeneous resulting mixture.

It is best to use a glass bowl. This way you can clearly see whether there is sediment at the bottom left or not.

In order to obtain a quality acid, this concentration is sufficient.

Since honey does not always have the same specific gravity, there is an old method of determination:

You need to put a fresh egg in the already prepared solution – if the egg rises, the solution is good, but does not contain enough minerals for the development of organisms that promote boiling. It is therefore necessary to add yeast.

In order to accelerate the boiling process, the honey water needs to be poured over sawdust – cypress or oak sawdust is recommended. Thus aeration is created – ventilation – a process that is required for normal development of micro-organisms that need air.

Honey acid’s mineral composition of guarantees that it can serve as mean for maintaining overall health. It will enrich your dining and will positively act on the health of your body.

Why this beverage is healing:

– Honey water normalizes the digestion process

– Improves function of all parts of the gastrointestinal tract

– It strengthens the immune system

– Treats colds and bronchitis

– Cleanses the body out of toxins

– Normalizes the function of the colon.

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