Easy Exercises For Flat Belly

Tighten the stomach and arms and legs muscles without getting inflammation with these exercises which are performed between 30 and 60 seconds.

Exercise number 1.


Lie on the floor, face down, place your arms near the shoulders and make sure your legs are in plane position with the body. Lift your body by holding onto your lower arms and toes. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Exercise number 2.


Repeat the initial position of the first exercise. Lift your body using your palms. Next thing do to is putting your arm in a vertical position while holding your upper body onto your other arm. Hold this position before you change your arms.

Exercise number 3.


Lie in the same position and inhale deeply. Relax your whole body and try lifting your arms and legs while relying onto your stomach. This exercise will help you strengthen your back muscles and straightening your spine.

Exercise number 4.


Leave the toughest exercise last. Lie on your side, rely on your lower arm and lift your body. After 30 seconds change sides.

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