Do You Know What Exactly Is In Hot Dogs


Hot dog is favorite food for many people, especially children. But do you know what is inside hot dogs? Whether you consume this product or not you should know the process of its making. In the following video you can see and hear some interesting information about this not so healthy food.

Hot dogs are made of meat, animal fats, flour or oats, egg whites and spices. In the past, hot dogs content used to be stuffed in animal gut but today the content is stuffed in artificial collagen packs. Hot dogs have plenty amount of salt, which is very harmful for our health.

Besides the mentioned ingredients, in hot dogs can also be found ingredients such as: fructose corn syrup, mechanically separated meat, sodium nitrate, beef broth and sodium erythorbate.

American research association claims that nitrates and nitrites which can be found in hot dogs have caused cancer in animals that were fed with hot dogs. The enlarged intake of hot dogs and delicatessen products increase the risk of getting colon cancer. By “enlarged intake” we mean 5-6 hot dogs a week in man and 2-3 hot dogs a week in woman.

In addition, watch the video.

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