Do You Have White Hard Spots Under Your Eyes Or On Your Eyelids? Here Is How To Get Rid Of Them

Usually they appear on the places where the skin is most sensitive and thinner, under and around the eyes and eyelids. The white spots can appear on the entire face, and are formed by the keratin which is produced by the skin, which remains trapped beneath the skin while makes small cyst in the form of white point. Also, they can be formed by fat and tallow. Usually it occurs on places where the skin is most sensitive and thinner, around the eyes and eyelids.


Usually they occur due to wrong choice of cream. Women usually use too heavy and fat creams for their skin which are not recommended by their age and due to it, the white spots appear. They may occur due to stress. They are appearing at 50% of infants and this is considered as natural appearance. They can occur after sunburn, dermabrasion and different skin diseases as well as after long use of corticosteroids.

How to get rid of them?

First and basic: do not tight them. They are located deep under the skin and on sensitive parts of the face. For best, visit dermatologist or beautician. But, you can also try this simple natural method:

Peeling of sugar and lemon

Lemon has antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Mix two teaspoons sugar with juice of half a lemon. Add to this mixture tablespoon of olive oil. Massage it easily into the skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, wash the skin with warm water. 

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