Detoxification Food


Avoid fatty foods and try to consume 5 vegetable portions and 2 fruit portions on a daily basis. Try to completely change your diet in order to make your whole organism work properly and be healthier.

What helps the liver?

Ginger, as well as dark-green vegetables, beetroot and mind are very useful for the liver.

Lemon – It cleanse the liver, bladder, digestive tract, lungs and kidneys.

Carrot – Rich in beta-carotene. Regulates blood sugar levels and reduces inflammations.

Garlic – Helps when it comes to blood cleansing and soothes liver’s and kidney’s work.

Walnuts – Help in the process of toxic elimination.

Tarragon (snake’s grass) – Consists antioxidants which block toxins.

Beetroot tea – Rich in chemicals, called betaine, which stimulate liver’s work.

Dandelion tea – Cleanses the blood and acts as antioxidant.

Besides consuming these ingredients, try to have a good night sleep, visit a sauna and drink as much filtrated water as possible.

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