Destroy Cancer With Asparagus


American National Cancer Institute confirmed of all foods that contain glutathione, asparagus takes the highest place on the list. This is why asparagus is considered to be one of the most powerful anticancer and antioxidant plants.

Asparagus is a spring vegetable and is harvested from March to May. It is valued for its succulent taste, but also because of the health benefits it possesses. It contains a large amount of a histone protein, which is believed to be active in the growth of cancer cells; actually it reduces and normalizes the growth of cancer cells. Asparagus has a direct effect on the cancer cells of their normalization.

Its use can do nothing but improve your health. It can be consumed by both healthy and ill people. It can be used as prevention of various diseases, for improving blood counts. However, some testimonials show that by using asparagus you will manage to melt kidney stones.


Before use, asparagus should be cooked or you can use canned asparagus because it has the same properties as the fresh one. Put the boiled asparagus it a blender and mix it well in order to get mashed mixture. Store the mashed asparagus it in the refrigerator. You should take four tablespoons of mashed asparagus twice a day, in the morning and evening. You can mix it in water and drink it as cold or hot beverage.

The therapy can be increased or decreased depending on the progress of the disease. Seriously ill persons can take the remedy more than twice a day. The effects of this treatment can be noticed after 2 to 4 weeks from the start of regular use.

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